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Slashfic that's Holier Than Thou

Slashfic that's Holier Than Thou.
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How many times have you wished the bible had more sex and less violence? How many times have you turned out a fictional (or speculative) masterpiece of gentle manlove between jesus, peter, and paul, only to find there was nowhere to share it with like-minded pervs of faith...?

Worry no more.

GodSlash is your spot.

This is the place to share erotic fanfic and slashfic involving dieties. There are no restrictions as to which deities, which time periods, sexuality, genderism, religions accuracy, or any other guideline I can presently think of. Feel free to let your creativity run wild, naked, and uninhibited.

When making posts here, please use the LJ Cut tag for any post over a few lines... Not because we're ashamed of you or embarrassed by what you're writing, but because we want to see many posts per page in the main interface.


This community is a place for very open minds. It is designed to be a safe haven for... Material of an adult and directly controversial nature. So don't read it if you're easily offended or under the age of consent in your country. Flamers will be laughed at, ridiculed, publically pilloried, and then locked, banned, deleted, and/or made the subject of legal proceedings, as the community, it's founders, and moderators see fit.

You were warned.

Please see the favorite entries (the heart link above) for more disclaimers, rules, and FAQs